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Taz is our latest model. This hot 19 year old loves to show off his long uncut 19 year old Latin Cock in this new shoot from and I know you are going to enjoy this video! Taz is one of those guys who is young, hung, and uncut. A big cock is HOT but for some reason they always look even more impressive when they are hanging between the legs of a hot Latin Twink like this 19 year old skater kid! He is not afraid to show off that lean torso and smooth chest and what a hot ass this guy has and hot hairy fuckhole! I am sure that it’s hot to see him fuck or get fucked but for right now brings you a solo video of Taz introducing himself and then getting naked. Well, once the clothes are off there is only one thing to do and that’s watch some porn and bust a nut! Enjoy getting to know him like we here at Miami Boyz did…

Juan Young Cute Uncut

Juan is a real cute young Latin kid. We noticed him working as a bagboy and we slipped him a business card along with a $10 dollar “tip” for bagging our groceries. Later that day we got a call and guess who it was, right, Juan! We told him about the site and since he needed a car insurance payment he was down for doing the shoot!

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Exclusive Miami Boyz Model – Daniel

Daniel is a sexy 19 year old Colombian who is not afraid to show off his perfect body for us to enjoy! The first thing you notice about Daniel is his stare…he has very intense eyes that express his natural sexuality. He’s got the good looks of a fashion model and with a glance he can seduce you…and he works his magic in front of our camera…he slowly reveals his smooth chest and torso…before he undoes his belt to expose a beautiful uncut cock!

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Damien is a hot young Latino who contacted us about showing off his sexy young body so we asked him to sent a few naked selfies…immediately we wanted him on the site! Damien is 20, and enjoys hanging out with friends and of course hot sex! He tells us that he’s versatile which is a good thing…once you see his 8 inch uncut cock you can imagine seeing him fuck some guys ass and when you see his hot ass you can image some guy fucking him! coverI guess hat makes him sexy all the way around! Speaking of that uncut cock. During the shoot I just had to get a taste of that cock of his…I was already down on my knees after all with a camera. I can tell you that his cock was a mouthful and that we plan on having him back to prove just how versatile he really is! Enjoy his hot video! 

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Hot 3 Way BB Fucking – Part 2

Our latest action video continues with Alan and Martin giving Omar what he wants and what he wants is hard cock and these two “gay for pay” boyz are only to willing to give it to him! In part 2 of this action bareback video we find the boys in the forest and well…just check out the video!

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This week we are bringing you 3 of our very most popular models doing what they do best…fucking and sucking with those uncut Latin cocks!

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